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When Cockroaches Bite – Symptoms And Treatments

Cockroaches eat anything, which is edible even human beings when they get the opportunity. Although it is possible for cockroaches to bite you, it is quite rare. They do not inflict a lot of pain as they do not consider human beings as food rather as threats to their existence. Thus, they can only bite you once they feel threatened. If you have experienced roach bites, then you might be having a cockroach infestation. You can learn more at For instance, cockroaches can come across the scent of food lefts on the hand or any part of the body and have a chance to bite you for a little taste.

When do they bite?

You shroachould note that roaches are timid creatures, which fear coming close to you when you are awake. Therefore, if you find yourself inflicted a cockroach bite at the morning, then it may have been inflicted while asleep. Although cockroaches feed and humans as a source of food, they can only do so when they are dead. This is because they feed on eyelashes, fingernails, and callused skin of the dead human bodies.

Unlike most insects, they do not transmit diseases whenever they bite. However, they carry germs on their bodies and can transmit diseases through their waste. Thus, if diseases or germs manage to get into your body through open wounds or inhaling, then you will be infected.

Symptoms to expect

Some of the allergic reactions to occur, which are triggered by cockroach bites are when you have a weak immune system or one that reacts to proteins found in feces, the body of cockroach or saliva. Common symptoms include itchy nose, throat, and skin. If you are asthmatic, you may experience asthma attacks whenever you are exposed to allergens.

Treating cockroach bites

When you rearoachlize of a wound as a result of being bitten by a cockroach, you should clean it with water and soap. If there is swelling, you should have ice applied. You should avoid scratching the wound as you may end up infecting it. It is advisable to use home remedies for the cockroach bites such as tea bags, lemon juice, baking soda, and lemon juice.

If the allergic reactions are considered to be severe, you will need to seek immediately medical attention. This is necessary for people who are asthmatic or suffer from other health conditions. Also, elderly and young children should seek medical attention.