Guide to buying pressure washers

Pressure washers have become very popular equipment in cleaning. Whether it is stains in the driveway, mildew on the house deck, grease on the grill, dirt on the car, a pressure washer will prove to efficiently clean well. It will also halve the time that one would take to scrub with a bucket of water and brush. Furthermore, one uses minimal water to do the cleaning that needs to be done. As so if one is looking to own a pressure washer, below is a guide to help with the purchase.

Buying pressure washers

How they workpower washer

First pressure washer have a varied of names they can be known as power washers, outdoor cleaners or pressure cleaners. They all work the same way. The mechanics are that water enters the equipment at low pressure, then an electric motor or gas engine pumps the water through a hose and spray nozzle at high pressure. This delivers high speeds of water which enable on to do the cleaning.

Types of pressure washers

There are two types of pressure washers. We have the gas pressure washers and the electric pressure washers. Gas pressure washers are able to tackle large jobs for they deliver high-pressure water. One can use them to clean large areas like decks, driveways, patios, exterior siding and sidewalks. Gas pressure washers are relatively noisy and heavy. They also tend to be more expensive due to the pressure they are able to deliver. Look for the best gas pressure washers on the market to have the best cleaning.

Secondly, we have the electric pressure washers. They are best used to clean small areas like small patios and decks, and other light duty jobs. The models are quieter and weigh less than gas pressure washers. Electric pressure washers are corded some will have a built-in cord while others will require an extension. One needs to consider what will work best for them and get the appropriate machine.

What to look for when picking one

The power of the pressure washer is what one is looking for when they are purchasing. How powerful the pressure washer is will determine the kind of jobs it will be able to tackle and handle. The pressure or power output of the pressure washer is measured in gallons per minute (GPM) and pounds per square inch (PSI). The higher the GPM and PSI the faster and better a pressure washer will clean. However, the more powerful the machine the more costly it will be.

Finally, one needs to conduct routine maintenance on their machine to ensure efficiency of operation and durability. This will vary from one model to the other. Gas pressure washers will need more maintenance as compared to electric pressure washers.