bee infestation

Facts to Know About Bee Infestation at Home

Most people tend to love bees because they provide us with honey and make your garden colorful. Well, a few honey bees around you might be just fine. However, in the case of a bee infestation, it not all about beauty and honey. When bees find shelter in your home, you are bound to find hives in areas like the attic, shed, garden, ventilation pipes, and any place they find hospitable.

Bee Coloniesbee colony in a garden

Bees live in colonies. Thus, any hive typically contains roughly 8,000 to 60,000 bees or even more. In any colony, you expect to have different types of bees, which are often classified as male drones, female worker bees, and the queen bee. Naturally, bees are among the most organized pests and this evidenced by the reaction one gets when he or she tries to disturb the balance in the colony.

Effects of Bee Infestation

If you have a beehive around your home, your life might become a buzzing hell in no time. Bees can turn your home into a giant hive with thousands of them swarming around your house. The mere presence of a number of these pests can be a danger in itself.

Unlike other pests, bees do not spread diseases or damage our properties. However, they are known for their venomous stick and their aggressive nature. Bees only need to sense some danger, and they will be quick to respond. In a split second, these pests will deploy their forces and sting the victim and anyone close to them.

worker bees Bee stings can be dangerous and can also lead to fatalities. Ideally, a bee sting contains a compound known as apitoxin, which causes, stings, swelling, and allergic reactions to some people. Normally, an ordinary person can withstand at 10 stings per pound of weight. This tell tells you that bee stings can be fatal especially when they attack a young kid or anyone allergic to their venom.

Dealing with Bee Infestation

Now that you are aware of the dangers of bee infestation, it is essential to fight the infestation as soon as you start seeing any signs. Well, this is not anyone’s job, and it is best left to professional exterminators. Thus, fighting any infestation requires you to look for bee removal company and let the experts deal with the problem for you.