How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Bed BugsHow to completely do away with bed bugs is a question that is asked by many people. These are insects that invade your home swiftly and quick like light, and before you realize it, they are all over. Unlike many insects and pests, it is not dirt crumbs or food remains that attract them, on the contrary, the carbon dioxide that people exhale and the heat radiated while one is sleeping attracts the creatures.

Even big hotels are not spared with the bug’s problem. Their main habitat is in the bedroom and our beds. There most active time is at night. They pierce the skin and survive by feeding on sucking human blood.

The process of exterminateur punaises is not the easiest of tasks that you will want to perform. It is a lengthy and complex process with very many options available. There is no method that we can single out that is easy to undertake if there were then we could not be facing the same problem to date.

Though tedious it is not impossible to control and eradicate them eventually.

Some ways that you can go about fighting the bed bugs

1. Cleaning

If we keep our homes clean, we could be assured of a lower risk of infestation. Items such as bed covers, pillow covers, mattress covers, and comforters should be regularly checked for the presence of them. These items should be removed and washed at the highest temperature setting possible as high heat can kill them. If you send your bedding items to a dry cleaner, do remember to warn the dry cleaner so that your items will be washed separately. That way you won’t risk infecting others’ with bed bugs as well.

2. Vacuuming

Make sure that you vacuum all corners of your home, especially around the bed. This method does not eradicate the bugs completely, but it will help with some prevention before using other treatments. While vacuuming, please also remember to use a scraper to scrape along your beds, carpets, and other hot spots for bed bugs. This will help dislodge any bed bug eggs from their breeding ground for you to vacuum them off. Empty the contents from the vacuuming, including the bed bugs and eggs, into a sealed plastic bag and throw them away.Vacuuming

3. Steam cleaning

This method is also used by most pest control companies and is by far the safest and natural means of killing bed bugs. You can choose to buy the steamer yourself as the steamer can also be used to sanitize other household equipment. Before buying the steamer, make sure that it can reach a temperature that exceeding 200 degrees.

4. Bug powder

This is a powder which can be very effective in dealing with the bugs. After a few days, you will be able to see it taking effect. It works by sticking onto these critters and dehydrating them.

5. Pesticides

There are natural and off the store pesticides. Various natural remedies can be made by an individual at home. Common off the store chemical pesticides have also been limited in their effectiveness these days as the bed bugs seem to have developed a resilience towards them.

With the above techniques, you are sure to deal with bedbugs once and for all.