Expert Guide for Buying the V on Shenton Condominium

Are you interest in buying the most coveted modern property (V on Shenton) in Singapore? Well, in this guide you will learn some of the most important things to consider when you want to buy the V on Shenton condominium. In fact, you are reading the most resourceful piece of information that can guide you to buying all types of properties. Being one of the most sought after condos in the city, it definitely costs quite a lot. Therefore, you do not want to invest your money in something that does not fulfill your needs. We have compiled comprehensive steps to guide you in making the decision.

About V Shenton

For every investor, it is important to know more the property before making up your mind. Learning more about V on Shenton condominium will help you to weigh your choices. Actually, you deserve to know the type and nature of the property you are about to buy.

Therefore, ensure you read more about V on Shenton in order to make a worthwhile decision. As aforementioned, V on Shenton is a condo with a 23-story office wing and a 54-story residential wing. If you want to have one office and a residential apartment at the V on Shenton you can send your inquiry to the management.

About the Purchase

First, you need to know more about the purchase before making any advancement. You should note that the buying of condos in Shenton way is not an easy task to complete. You need to consult with the local agents to understand more about the V Shenton property if you are new.

There are essentially several things to know about V Shenton condominium. One of the most important things is the procedure of purchase. There are key steps that each investor should follow in order to secure an apartment on this mighty 23storey office building and a 54storey residential building.

Apartment Rooms

It is important to know about the rooms in each of the apartments before taking any step towards the final purchase. The apartments at the Von Shenton feature a modern open-plan kitchen, spacious living-dining room and great views of Marina Bay precinct and Tan Jong Pagar. Every abode at the V on Shenton property is fitted with a luxurious European quality finishing brand. Basically, the apartments are modern and every system in place is functional.


You need to buy an apartment that has a secure and tranquil environment. Some of the main neighbors are Gardens by the Bay, New Westin Hotel, Marina Bay Cruise Centre and the distinguished Marina Bay Sands. The V on Shenton property has a direct underground link to the Marina Bay Mall and Downtown MRT Station.